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How do I book your catering services?
In order to book the date, an $100 non-refundable deposit is required.

Are there any additional charges besides the service fee and packages per person?
We charge an additional travel fee if you’re located outside of Orange County, CA.  Travel fees varies depending on event location. A sales tax is already included in the price.

What is included with the crepe packages?
We provide everything necessary to prepare and serve the crepes, including tables, linens, and disposable plates, forks, knives, and napkins. We recommend having a trash can available for your guests to dispose of their used plates, utensils, and napkins.

What do you charge for kids?
Kids ages 6 and below are half the package price.

How many crepes can each of my guests have?
Each guest can have as many crepes as they like within the service time.  On average, guests can have 2-3 crepes.

When do I need to let you know my final guest count and my menu selections?
Three days before the event date.

Can I add additional crepe menu items to my package?
Yes!  For savory options, it will be an additional $2.50 per person and $1.50 per person for sweet options.

 Will I be charged more for more guests present on the day of the event than what I booked for?
You will not be charged more if there are more guests present than what was booked. However it is not guaranteed that there will be enough crepes for all guests.

How long does it take to set up and clean up?
Approximately 1 hour before the event to set up and 30 minutes after the event for clean up.

How long does it take to cook each crepe?
Approximately 3 minutes for every 2 crepes.

How much space and equipment do you need for your set up?
Each crepe station requires a 7 ft x 5 ft space.  Preferably, the space should be outdoors or in a well ventilated indoor space.  Sometimes we will need access to an electricity outlet.

Do you provide lighting for your crepe station?
No, we do not. Please assist us by having us stationed in a well lit area.

Do you provide any umbrellas or tents for your crepe station?
No, we do not.  It is preferred that you have us set up in a shaded area.

Can my guests create their own crepe, or do they have to order strictly from the menu?
Because all of our crepes are made to order, the chef can omit /substitute ingredients in the crepes using the ingredients we have available from the pre-selected menu.

Do you offer gluten free or vegan options?
Gluten free vegan batter is available upon request for catered events. There is a $10 charge to order a batch of gluten free vegan batter, and one batch makes about 6 to 8 crepes. Please note that not all of our crepe fillings are gluten free / vegan, so please ask if you have a question about a particular item or ingredient.

Can I decide on the day of the event to keep the chef serving longer?
I may or may not be able to stay longer at your event, depending on my availability for the rest of the day. If you would like me to stay longer, be sure to ask me at least 30 minutes prior to your originally scheduled end of service time. Additional time will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour (can be broken into half hours).

Can I try your crepes before my event?
Unfortunately, we do not have a location at this time for you to sample the crepes.  Please read the Yelp reviews from our past customers.

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes, and we can provide you with a Certificate of Liability Insurance when requested.

Do you have a Health Permit?
Yes, we have a Health Permit.

Additional questions?
Contact us!

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