Sweet Package

$7 per person Choice of any three

sweet crepes

Savory Package

$10 per person Choice of any two non-chicken or beef

savory crepes

Petit Paris Package

$11 per person

Madame savory crepe and choice of any two sweet crepes

Sweet and Savory Package

$13 per person.

Choice of any three sweet crepes and any two non-chicken or beef savory crepes

Additional Choices

$1.50 per person for each additional sweet crepe choice

$2.50 per person for each additional savory crepe choice

(this option is not available for the sweet package)

Additional Pricing Info.

Sales tax already included in pricing


$350 minimum for weekends & $200 for weekdays catering (crepe orders and service fee; other items may not go towards minimums).

+$50/hour service fee (minimum 1 hour for Sweet package

and minimum 2 hours for Savory package)

+$50 additional fee for events outside of Orange County

+$120 additional fee for an additional chef request

This Includes...

All packages are all you can eat and include plates, napkins, & utensils.

*Menu can be customized to your budget and taste

Our crepes can be integrated with ingredients from any

culture for any special events

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